Basingstoke & District Beekeepers Association

Hampshire Beekeepers Association Annual Convention
        14th November 2015 at Sparsholt College, Winchester

Next Winter Meeting: Thursday 19th November 2015
    - John Haverson from Andover will be talking about "Natural Beekeeping".     

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There is a charge of £2.00 to cover costs and coffee and biscuits.

Winter meetings start at 7.30pm

Winter meetings are held at

Viables Community Centre                                    
Viables Craft Centre
The Harrow Way
RG22 4BJ

Meeting have been confirmed, on the events page.

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Beekeeping is an increasingly popular hobby but it is more than an occasional pastime. It requires commitment and a responsibility to the bees and the community. All beekeepers should be members of an association and register with Bee Base.

SWARMS please check here before calling the swarm coordinators