Events 2017/2018

Weather permitting, 2.00pm on Saturdays 7th April, 5th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 4th
August, 1st September, 29th September

Apiary meetings 2018

Weather permitting, starting on 7st April and thereafter on the first Saturday of each month
14:00 - 16:30 for course attendees and 14:30 - 16:30 for other members

7th  April – spring inspection

5th May - swarm control postponed 

2nd  June – remove honey crop

7th July – mid season evaluation

4th August– varroa control

1st September – winter preparation

29th September - pre-winter check

  • Where: The Association Apiary in Oakley (a map will be provided)
  • Protective Clothing: We loan a jacket and veil if you need them and you bring Wellington boots and Marigold-type household gloves.

      Winter Meetings 2017/2018

      Dates booked for 2017/2018 are as follows
      Friday 15 September - Robin Dean and his talk will be titled "Who's the Baddie?" (A very brief look at pesticides, the agricultural chemical industry, beekeepers and bees.)
      Friday 20 October - Jean Frost from Meon Valley Beekeepers, ‘Pollen, an essential part of a bee’s diet’. Jean will be bringing some microscopes as well to view some fascinating slides after her talk.
      Friday 17 November - James Donaldson, Fleet Beekeepers, The anatomy of bees and how they 'work' and more. James will be bringing some microscopes for those that are interested what the various parts look like under magnification.
      Friday 15 December - Christmas social
      Friday 19 January - Derek and Elaine Mitchell, "The Honeybee and the Mosquito, over a hundred years of insulation debate
      Friday 16 February - AGM followed by cheese and wine
      Friday 16 March - Nick Ball - wild life photographer
      Friday 20 April- An Introduction to the Flow Hive - Pros & Cons for an English Beekeeper Chris Williams & Stephen Fleming

      Previous talks see at bottom of page
      Meetings are held at 7:30pm at
      Sherborne St John Village Hall
      Kiln Road
      Sherborne St John
      RG24 9HR

        Honey Shows 2017
                HBA County Honey Show  
                        Saturday 7 October & Sunday 8 October 2017
               Hilliers Gardens, Romsey

                NATIONAL HONEY SHOW 
                            26th to 28th October 2017  

             Sandown Park Racecourse, Esher, Surrey, KT10 9AJ

        HBA Annual Convention date to be confirmed
                        Sparsholt College, Winchester

        Previous talks
        Thursday Sept 15th 2016 - Preparing your colonies for Winter - David Purchase and Derek Mitchell
        Thursday 20th October 2016 - Andy Willis, Feast or famine: ‘Off-season’ forage for the beekeepers garden
        Thursday 17th November 2016 - Jed Marshall, Feast or famine: ‘A year in the life of a Bee Farmer'
        December 2016  - Christmas Social - More Details to Follow + Seasonal Refreshments
        Thursday 19th January 2017Ken Trussler and Pete Northcote : Queen Rearing
        Thursday 16 February 2017 - Annual General Meeting - Cheese & Wine
        Thursday 16 March 2017 Dr Max Watkins - The latest Vita Beekeeping Products
        Thursday 20 April 2017, Ian Margetts of Summerdown Mint - "Peppermint and Lavender Essential Oil Production"

        Thursday Sept 17th 2015 - Dr Richard Pettifer “Exploring the Atmosphere with Balloons – How we found out what it is like up there”
        Thursday Oct 15th 2015 - Peter Higgs, Director of Beegone, a company that undertakes non-lethal removal of Honeybees from structures.
        Thursday Nov 19th 2015 - John Haverson from Andover will be talking about "Natural Beekeeping".
        Thursday Dec 17th 2015 - Christmas Social - More Details to Follow + Seasonal Refreshments
        Thursday Jan 2016 - Annual General Meeting - Cheese & Wine
        Thursday Feb 18th 2016 - Andy Willis from Southampton will be talking about "Purifying and Maximising your wax crop"
        Thursday March 17th 2016 - John Fowler will be giving an insight into how Technology can be applied to Beekeeping, including Acoustic Hive Monitoring, Electronic Hive Tagging, Online Hive Records, Flow hives and a number of other "gadgets" that can be used.
        Thursday 21st April 2016 "Brains Trust"  - An opportunity to hear the experienced opinions of David Purchase, Chris Mounty and Charles Oliver-Belassis  as they take questions from Members on aspects of beekeeping.

        Thursday Sept 18th 2014 -  Stewart Guy - An insight into the countryside with country pursuits cameraman Stewart Guy
        Thursday Oct 16th2014 - Chris Mounty - With a wealth of knowledge Chris shares some of the methods and ways of honey extraction and processing
        Thursday Nov 20th2014 - Derek Mitchell - Following up on his ground-breaking research into hive thermal losses, Derek gives us new information on 12 hive types and the benefits of thermal efficient hives
        Thursday Dec 18th 2014 - Christmas Social - Nibbles and Quiz
        CHANGE Thursday Jan 15th 2015 - Charles Oliver-Bellasis - Shortcuts in Beekeeping, methods and tools to make beekeepers life a bit simpler
        CHANGE Thursday Feb 19th 2015 - Annual General Meeting - Cheese & Wine
        Thursday March 19th 2015 - Brian Spicer - Upstairs Downstairs. A talk from the former surveyor in charge of running the Hackwood House Estate. The 400 hectare estate is like Basingstoke's own Downton Abbey, a fascinating insight into a country estate on our own doorstep.
        Thursday April 16th 2015 - John Haymer from Blackhorse Apiaries, Bee Health, pest and disease control, and if there is time will also talk briefly on swarm control. A talk not to be missed.

        Thursday 19 Sept 2013 - Brian Herbert - Small Scale Queen Rearing
        Thursday 17 Oct 2013 - Nigel Semmence our Regional Bee Inspector - Bee Diseases
        Thursday 21 Nov 2013 - Max Watkins from Vita-Europe (manufacturers of Apiguard amongst other things) will speak on the ongoing search for products to fight varroa. Vita-Europe are working on a new product called Hopguard of which he will no doubt enlighten us.
        Thursday 19 Dec 2013 - Christmas Social and Bee Quiz
        Thursday 16 Jan 2014 - AGM and Cheese and Wine
        Thursday 20 Feb 2014 - John Furzey - Queen Rearing
        Thursday 20 Mar 2014 - Caroline Cavill - Wax Cosmetics (title to be confirmed)
        Thursday 17 Apr 2014 - John Cossburn - Beekeeping for Beginners