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Happy Birthday Sharon

Happy Birthday Sharon

Apiary before the tidy-up, early March 2016 

 Mick Oram’s entry “Spot the Queen” in the Beekeeping Display class, which won Second Prize at the 2012 Honey Show.


Remember not to stand in front of the hive, Apiary meeting, April 2013
Amanda Jones at our stand at the Whitchurch Country Show, September 2013 (holding cupcake, see right)

Summer honey (left), Autumn (right)

Summer honey (left), Autumn (right) (B. Prescott)

Hives protected from Wood peckers (B. Prescott)

(B. Prescott)

The warmth of summer (B. Prescott)


                Apiary after the tidy-up, March 2016 

 Philip Saunders collecting a swarm
We found her, isn't she lovely, Apiary meeting, April 2013


        Cupcake decorated at the Whitchurch Country show by Amanda Jones

Ouch (B. Prescott)

I may have to think the apiary siting (B. Prescott)

Now where did that swarm go? (B. Prescott)

And the cold winter (B. Prescott)