Basingstoke & District Beekeepers Association

        Details of 2019 Training will appear here when finalised


Next Apiary Meeting: 

    Saturday 29th September – Pre winter check

Next Winter Meeting

Friday 21st September - Preparing Colonies for Winter Survival - Celia and David Rutland
There is normally a small charge which offsets costs and refreshments. 
Details of Winter Meeting schedule published here.
WINTER MEETINGS start at 7.30pm

THANK YOU Basingstoke Beekeepers

Several of our members donated surplus Beekeeping Clothing to Rachel Monger’s Group in Tanzania. She was in the UK earlier this year and came along to one of our evening meetings to talk to us about her project.

Rachel was able to present the beekeepers in Malya with some of the suits. Rachel reports that "They were so thrilled and send their great appreciation and greetings to you all!"

She  will soon be going to another group of beekeepers in the village of Kayenze to give out some more suits. There are some pictures on her website of Tanzanian Beekeepers receiving beesuits we donated, please click the link below to see more and follow Rachel.

Next Bulk buy opening:

    Sunday (1st October) between 10:00 and 12:00.

  • Ambrosia Syrup (£16/ can) 
  • Ambrosia Fondant (£15 per box).
  • Yellow Gloves (12 pairs/pack) at £10, various sizes available

Next Apiary Meeting:  All finished for 2017, see you in 2018

Oakley Junior School Visit: 

Following John Fowler's visit to Oakley Junior School we received the following photo and thank you note from the school.

Come and visit our stand at   
            Please revisit site for up to date details of where you can see us next

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Beekeeping is an increasingly popular hobby but it is more than an occasional pastime. It requires commitment and a responsibility to the bees and the community. All beekeepers should be members of an association and register with Bee Base.

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