Honey Bee Swarms

We are not able to collect wasps, hornets, solitary bees or bumblebees. More information on Solitary bees can be found here. Pictures of wasps, hornets and bumblebees can be found on the British Beekeepers website   http://www.bbka.org.uk/help/do_you_have_a_swarm.php

Please ascertain what type of flying insects you have before calling us.

The Basingstoke Beekeepers Association receives a small grant from Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council. This goes towards paying the travel expenses of volunteers from the association who help members of the public when a swarm of honeybees appears from May to August.

We cannot remove swarms from chimneys or other inaccessible places.

YOU WILL be charged £20 if volunteers are called out for swarms that are not honeybees, so please read the information and the swarm information questionnaire below carefully.

If you are certain you have found a swarm of honeybees please click here to find your nearest swarm collector.

Bees normally swarm on a nice sunny day late morning or during the afternoon. Collecting a swarm will involve a minimum of two trips. The beekeeper will arrive and hopefully manage to get the swarm into a box. The bees are then left so that all the scout bees return. The bees should not be taken away immediately or a large number of 'orphans' will be left behind. The beekeeper will return to collect them at dusk. The time obviously depends on the time of year. It can be quite late in June.

The beekeeper will hopefully find a home for the swarm where they can be cared for by a trained beekeeper.


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