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If you are interested in taking up bee keeping it is strongly recommended that you attend a course run by a beekeeping association. Most associations run one course each year. Ours starts in March and runs through to September. Please look at the details for the course  for details and prices. Places are already being reserved so it would be a good idea to check availability!

 We are now able to take payments via bank transfer (details on the form) and BDI certificates are generated electronically.  If you use this payment method please be sure to email Sharon Woodman with the date paid and amount. Alternatively telephone 01256 414082 for more information.

New members are invited to join the Basingstoke and District Beekeepers Association for the coming year from 1st January 2018. 

Full membership also confers membership of Hampshire Beekeepers Association (HBA) and the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), and importantly gives Public and Products Liability insurance cover for your beekeeping.

If more than one person in the household handles bees, it is recommended that you add a “Partner Supplement” for each additional beekeeper who must live at the same address so that you all have insurance.  Associate Membership is for members who already pay a capitation fee to another association and are therefore already insured, or who wish to join the Association but do not currently keep bees.  Family Membership is for those who wish to bring family to Association winter and apiary meetings. There is now a Junior class for under 18s who keep bees, but their colonies must be included in the total of those of their parent for purposes of Bee Disease Insurance.

The fee depends on how many hives you have. If you are likely to have more than three colonies during the coming year you will need to pay an additional sum depending on the number of colonies. The ready reckoner will tell you how much extra you need to pay.

Please note that a condition of membership is your agreement to your membership details being held on a computer.  This information will be used for the efficient running of the Association by its officials for the distribution of the BBKA magazine, for BBKA Insurance, for Bee Disease Insurance.  It will also be passed to the Regional Bee Inspector for inclusion on BeeBase to aid them in the control of notifiable bee diseases. It will not be disclosed to any other 3rd parties.

Application is now via our online Membership Application System. When you submit the form, you will be sent a summary email which will tell you how much you will need to pay. There is a facility to retrieve the details you submitted, and make any corrections required. Each time you submit the online application form, a link address will be shown on screen, and I suggest that you don't close this window until you have checked the latest summary email.

To start your application, please click on the following link.

IMPORTANT - This link should only be used on the first occasion you use the online Membership Application System. Use the Corrections Link (mentioned above) if you need to amend the information you have submitted.

If you have any Questions about the Membership of BDBKA, please contact me ( ) or for any Technical Questions about the Online Form please contact John Fowler ( )

A copy of the Application Summary email you receive is automatically sent to me, but I will not start to process your Application until you notify me that you have paid. You can forward the separate Payment Instructions Email to me to advise me when/how you have made your payment.

With Best Regards

Sharon Woodman - BDBKA Membership Secretary