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Gardening, Bugs and Beekeeping Project at Everest Community Academy

posted 29 May 2016, 06:23 by Webmaster BasingstokeBeekeepers   [ updated 29 May 2016, 06:44 ]
Year 8 students, at the Everest Community Academy, are currently learning all about Gardening, Bugs and Beekeeping.  

Basingstoke & District Beekeeping Association (BDBKA) were absolutely thrilled when invited to visit the Academy to participate in talking about bees.

There are many types of bees in the UK, the most widely known being the Bumble bee; which is large, hairy, has bright colours with a loud buzz.  The Honey bee on the other hand is small, smooth, rather dull and much quieter.  The children discovered that Honey bee colony consists of 1 Queen, tens of thousands female Worker Bees and a few thousand Drones (the males).  The colony lives and works as a collective (a single mind); individual bees do not independently choose how they live or what they do.

The pupils learnt the very important role bees play with the pollination of our food.  Without the bees and other pollinators performing their jobs, we would be unable to enjoy the lovely local fruits.

The presentation finished with a short video of the bees performing the “waggle dance”, a method in which bees communicate the location of forage.  The dance can look rather funny but provides the orientation and distance other bees must fly in order to collect pollen and nectar. 

One student, from each of the study groups, had a chance to visit the font of the hall, each showing considerable interest when investigating and handling the variety of beekeeping tools and looking inside an actual hive (empty of course!).

It was fantastic to see how enthusiastic the children were, with a continuous stream of questions, seeking more explanations along with how much they already knew.

As a consequence of BDBKA’s visit, the year 8 pupils have been totally inspired to have a School hive and proceeded with planting 4 trees (donated by Homebase) to start an orchard.   The orchard will sit nicely with the in memory of the late student, Blake Cook, who died last year.

The BDBKA members had rewarding experience and one that they would readily do again.  An excellent way to kick start the Everest Community Academy’s Project with "Why are bees important?”